896 S Woodland – Anshen and Allen Eichler

896 S Woodland – Anshen and Allen Eichler
ID: PROP-4533 2,028 sq ft 4 Beds 2 Baths


October 31, 2015
Living Area:
2,028 sq ft
Lot Size:
8,500 sq ft
Built In:
Anshen and Allen - LA-91

Things change. And for you they change today! Because you’ve just found your next home. Where you live matters. How you live matters most. Most houses create an environment that stifles your creativity, isolates you from neighbors, and leads to nights spent in front of the TV with a box of Franzia. But what if you could have exactly the opposite. A home that inspires your creativity — because it’s designed well. A place that encourages you to know your neighbors — because you all have something in common: living in an Eichler Home. Night spent entertaining family and friends — because the architecture *encourages* entertaining. This is what living in an Eichler Home in the Fairhaven neighborhood is about! How would you like a REAL backyard — you know, the kind big enough that you can run and even have chickens! How about a green door and a shiny gold wall of awesome?! Why? Because you’re fun and interesting! You’ll live differently here and you’ll do things you never thought you could. We’d love to see you experience this home first hand at our upcoming open houses.


896 S. Woodland, Orange, CA

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