852 S Oakwood St Orange, CA 92869

852 S Oakwood St Orange, CA 92869
ID: PROP-5176 2,074 sq ft 5 Beds 2 Baths


January 29, 2017
Living Area:
2,074 sq ft
Lot Size:
8,431 sq ft
Built In:
Jones & Emmons - LJ 115

This home sold for $1,025,000. 


Ask any creative, successful, architect the two words they are most afraid of and they will tell you: “Value Engineering” It sounds nice enough, and when done right it means creatively working to make a project less expensive to build. But most of the time, it’s that moment the developer throws their arms into the air and yells: “It’s too expensive! What can we take out?”

But what if you did the opposite? Instead of doing a renovation and asking what you could take out to save money, what if you asked what you could put in to add value? And that’s exactly what happened here. The developers came to us and asked how to make this the best Eichler that it could be. And the results are stunning. It’s filled with the kinds of materials and choices that would normally be “value engineered” out. But here they remain. Things like gorgeous terrazzo floors — the kind of splurge most of us pine for, but rarely follow-through on. The cabinetry is custom grain-matched walnut. Then there are little bespoke touches, the kinds of things that are the result of good planning and thought. Things like the under counter microwave and push-button drawers that eliminate the need optically-disruptive handles.

And then there’s the house itself. One of the rarer and largest models built in Southern California. It has a split-wing design with master bedroom and retreat on one side of the home and secondary bedrooms on the other. It’s separated by main living areas punctuated with an open kitchen in the middle. Oh…and then there’s the laundry room. Perhaps you don’t have children, or pets, the OCD to change outfits 4 times a day. But if any of those apply to you, you understand just how special an Eichler for a truly dedicated laundry room can be.

And it’s all classic, timeless, and effortless. Great design withstands the test of time and doesn’t feel forced. This home just feels “good.” And we’re confident it will continue to do so for decades to come. This home is sold, but we’d love to help you find your dream Eichler.