Our Eichlerbread House

Our Eichlerbread House

December 16, 2013 in Eichler Design, Eichler DIY, Eichler Fun! by

The past few weeks we have stumbled upon so many incredible Mid Century Modern gingerbread houses online. So how could we not make our own “Eichlerbread House’?


For our Eichler Gingerbread house, we chose to build our own interpretation of this Claude Oakland & Associates Eichler.


EichlerAtriumOne of our favorite Mid Century Modern gingerbread houses we came across online can be found here at ohhappyday.com. This post includes full directions and a printable template to make it easier for you to make your very own. Retrorenovation.com has a great article about vintage “Putz Houses” and also includes great printable templates. We see no reason why these same Putz templates couldn’t  be used to make a gingerbread house. The candy Noguchi table in this house is so clever we had to share that as well!

CandycanebeamsEdible atriums, frosting dotted transoms and candy cane beams were a must. This “Eichlerbread House” ended up being some 30+ pieces. Planning, baking, assembling and keeping all them sorted was quite a process. We hope our EichlerBread House inspires you to make one of your own! If you do, please send us pictures; we would love to see it! We hope you have a fantastic Holiday!


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